Brexit and Energy Performance Charts

How Brexit will affect EPCs and, before you fret, there is some good news

Unless you have spent the last twelve months in a cave, the only thing you would have heard on Look North or BBC News is this six letter phrase. Sounding like a clumsy oaf instead of a policy decision, Brexit is the word on many people’s lips.

Brexit House mage by Negovura (via Shutterstock).

Image by Negovura (via Shutterstock).

How would Brexit affect Energy Performance Charts? Firstly, they were part of the same Act that included Home Information Packs. Though based on some tenets of EU Directives, the Act was a Westminster creation. Unless we know different, they are here to stay. Martyn Reed, the Managing Director of Elmhurst Energy believes they will. His response:

“Whilst Elmhurst Energy believes that the EU has been good for energy efficiency and our sector, the referendum decision was made, and it is now the responsibility of Government to re-establish the economic and political environment, so that businesses can make medium and long-term decisions with confidence.”

Deep breaths? We shall see, but the devil in the detail will come after May’s recently called General Election. Whether May, Corbyn, or Farron gets into 10 Downing Street, some clarity would be a fine thing.

EPC Yorkshire, 27 April 2017.

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