Improving Your EPC Ratings: Lighting

EPC Yorkshire looks at how lighting systems could be used to improve your EPC ratings

In your formative years, your parents might have chivvied you to switch off the lights after use. During the Three Day Working Week, we had films telling us to “Switch Off Something right now”. We were told that “energy sense was common sense”. Years after their original context, these are still wise words today.

Which Buildings Have EPC Exemptions?

A look at where EPC exemptions apply

First and foremost, the 2004 Housing Act and the 2002 European Union Directive favours the use of EPCs on two grounds. One to improve the energy efficiency of your property; two, to improve the cost effectiveness of your property. In other words, with the latter, cutting your utility bills. What if you live in, or own a portfolio of listed buildings? Did you know that exemptions apply?

Happy Birthday, Dear EPC… 10 Years Old

The EPC is ten years old this month

Where did the time go? Was it really ten years since the first Energy Performance Certificates were issued? Indeed it was, and we should have cracked open the champagne earlier this month. Shortly afterwards, the EPC consultancy industry was born. For us, this was our Year Zero Moment.

Energy Efficiency: Why Landlords and Tenants Benefit

Why tenants and landlords alike benefit from improved energy efficiency

With changes to EPC rules affecting landlords, there has never been a better time to consider improving the energy efficiency of your property. Whereas our fellows in Mainland Europe have a Champions League standard, our soggy little island’s approach is more like missing the League Two promotion play-offs. Some ideas could benefit both landlords and tenants alike as well as the environment.

EPC Rules Due for April 2018 – No Exceptions

Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy confirms April 2018 deadline for EPC rules on PRS properties

In the last week, the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has confirmed their forthcoming changes to EPC rules. It was stated there would be no exceptions or flinching from the April 2018 deadline. The new rules, affecting private sector landlords, aims to improve the energy efficiency of properties within the Private Rented Sector.

An EPC LP Concept: 10 Top Tunes

The EPC LP: a selection of top tunes in relation to energy performance certificates, the environment, and everything

Imagine if energy performance certificates inspired a compilation album. It could have been entitled The EPC LP. The cover design, seen above, is inspired by Peter Saville’s cover for Joy Division’s début album Unknown Pleasures. Instead of the waveform in the dead centre of the 1979 LP, a natty little Energy Performance Certificate rating chart.

How an EPC Could Save Electricity Bills

Why taking heed of your EPC could be a catalyst to cutting your electricity bills

EPC savings image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

Easy Money: taking heed of your Energy Performance Certificate rating, you could save money.  Image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

The MEES legislation is upon us on the 01 April 2018. Saving energy by taking heed of your EPC is another form of good practice. If you are moving house or wish to refresh your property portfolio, Energy Performance Certificates are a good reference point. You can use them to save energy bills, or encourage your tenants to use less electricity.