Commercial EPC Birmingham

Commercial EPC Birmingham

At EPC Yorkshire, we can help when it comes to residential and commercial EPC in Birmingham. If you’re moving into new commercial buildings, you’ll want to see the commercial EPC or Energy Performance Certificate because it will be indicative of what you’ll be spending on heating and cooling to make the premises comfortable.

By law, all buildings – domestic or commercial – that have been newly built, and which are rented out or sold have to have an Energy Performance Certificate. In Birmingham, if you’re selling a business or you’re letting out to tenants, you’re going to require an EPC.

Is Your Business and ‘A’ or ‘G’?

It’s going to tell your tenants, from A – G where the energy ratings lean. An ‘A’ means ‘super efficient’ while a ‘G’ represents totally inefficient. With information like this, a prospective tenant can determine whether moving in is going to be too costly in terms of energy efficiency and costs.

The best energy assessors work with companies who offer ECO measures such as solar panels, free boilers, external wall insulation, and free roof insulation.

To have your building space assessed, an accredited Energy Assessor comes to your premises and records details about the building such as its age, how it was constructed and what heating, cooling, windows etc exist.

Go with Accredited to get the Real Thing

It is imperative to get qualified, skilled, accredited energy surveyors in for your commercial EPC. This is so that in the 45 minutes or so that they spend assessing your property, you can be absolutely sure you’re getting a thorough, accurate certificate that provides the correct information on your commercial property’s performance and energy consumption.

EPC Yorkshire assessors are accredited with Elmhurst, Stroma or NES and their focus is on ensuring the return of the assessment within 24 hours.

It is worth noting that these certificates are valid for 10 years so you’ll want to check dates too. If the certificate is about to expire it might give you an inkling as to how expensive the property will be to run in terms of gas and electricity bills.

In fact, the certificates provide you with quite a bit of useful information – statistics about the energy efficiency of your work premises and where and how you can make improvements. They provide information and rating on carbon dioxide emissions and on energy use.

There are 2 readings found with the EPC and while the one is on the level of efficiency that the commercial space is achieving, the other suggests what space could be achieved if you were to put energy-efficient measures in place.

Avoid Penalties

Want to avoid getting penalties because you don’t have an EPC? It is always important that you rope in the services of energy assessors who are members of an accredited scheme, as this is the only way you know it is for real and be done according to professional standards.

Do you know you require one within 7 days or marketing a property? Do things the right way from word go. Call EPC Yorkshire who quickly, affordably and skilfully provide you with an Energy Performance Certificate commercial and residential properties throughout Yorkshire and beyond.

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