Energy Efficiency: Why Landlords and Tenants Benefit

Why tenants and landlords alike benefit from improved energy efficiency

With changes to EPC rules affecting landlords, there has never been a better time to consider improving the energy efficiency of your property. Whereas our fellows in Mainland Europe have a Champions League standard, our soggy little island’s approach is more like missing the League Two promotion play-offs. Some ideas could benefit both landlords and tenants alike as well as the environment.

Energy efficiency image by A Master Photographer (via Shutterstock).

More than changing the bulbs: there is more to energy efficiency than changing the lightbulbs or closing windows. Image by A Master Photographer (via Shutterstock).

Cheaper utility bills

For landlords and tenants, improved energy efficiency means lower utility bills. An inefficient boiler could be replaced by a combination boiler. That not only saves space (combi boilers can be fitted in the kitchen); it also means instant hot water and a more efficient boiler.

Double glazing and loft insulation not only cuts noise levels; the heater could be switched on for shorter periods. If you have central heating, consider the long term benefits of a heat pump or solar energy.

More attractive properties

Tenants appreciate home comforts, and a poorly performing, inefficient heating system, isn’t a good business plan. To improve the energy efficiency further, make sure electrical appliances in furnished properties are ‘A’ graded, or at least the most efficient one of their kind. With today’s residents, owner-occupiers and tenants alike concerned about their fuel bills, efficiency matters.

It’s as easy as EPC

Any of the above ideas not only improve the Energy Performance Certificates of your properties. It makes good business sense for landlords; it is attractive for tenants, whether their tenure is six months or six years.

In one of our previous blog posts, we stated how energy efficiency is a major concern among property owners. The time to improve your EPC ratings are greater than ever.

EPC Yorkshire, 14 July 2017.

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