EPC Certificates – All You Need To Know

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is a guide that aspiring tenants or buyers get when they are looking at a property in the UK.

EPC Certificate– When Should I Get an Energy Performance Certificate?

Generally, an EPC is always needed whenever homes are put up for rent or for sale. Thus, a newly constructed house will have an EPC, a landlord will require one to show would-be tenants, and a seller has to have one to show would-be buyers. There are several exceptions: you do not need an EPC for a room that a resident landlord is renting out and listed buildings may be exempted because they cannot have upgrades such as double glazing. Since 2008 (in Scotland, 2009), the EPC requirement has been the law, which means that if your house has been sold or let since this time, it should be having an EPC. They remain valid for ten years. There is a national register of Energy Performance Certificates, unless you have chosen not to, where you can check the previous certificates of your property (plus viewing properties that are similar in your neighbourhood to compare how energy efficient your property is).

– When Renting or Buying a Property, Do You Have to Buy an EPC?

You should never pay for EPC when looking to rent or buy a property, it should be given to you free of charge, or else, the landlord or seller could be fined 200 pounds. If you are a seller or landlord, you will have to at least get the EPC ordered before putting your property on the market. However, you can use the Energy Performance Certificate that you were given when you purchased the property if it is still valid. Those who own commercial properties and want to lease or sell, they will have to get an Energy Performance Certificate organised. If you are interested in your existing home’s energy performance and do not match the eligibility rules mentioned above, there’s nothing preventing you from getting one that is commissioned for your home and for personal use. However, you’ll have to pay to get it.

– What Information Will I Find Displayed on an Energy Performance Certificate?

An EPC is typically a relatively straightforward certificate. It’ll look similar to the multi-coloured sticker you often see on new household appliances.

– How Much Does an Energy Performance Certificate Cost?

There is no fixed price for an Energy Performance Certificate, it depends on several factors, which includes what type of property you reside in plus how the number of bedrooms it has. Also, the area you reside in affects the fee considerably.

If you need residential and commercial EPCs, you should contact EPC Yorkshire. Our team of assessors is accredited with NES, Stroma or Elmhurst. We provide residential and commercial EPCs throughout the United Kingdom. We always return the assessment in less than a day of the surveyor visiting the property. Basically, the assessment onsite itself is going to take between half an hour and 45 minutes.

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