How an EPC Could Save Electricity Bills

Why taking heed of your EPC could be a catalyst to cutting your electricity bills

EPC savings image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

Easy Money: taking heed of your Energy Performance Certificate rating, you could save money.  Image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

The MEES legislation is upon us on the 01 April 2018. Saving energy by taking heed of your EPC is another form of good practice. If you are moving house or wish to refresh your property portfolio, Energy Performance Certificates are a good reference point. You can use them to save energy bills, or encourage your tenants to use less electricity.

According to Which? Magazine:

  • Replacing low energy lightbulbs with LED lighting saves up to £180 a year;
  • You can save up to £315 per year by installing or beefing up your existing loft insulation;
  • Up to £50 per year can be saved through draught proofing methods.

Your EPC is a guide to what potential savings could be made over three years. EPC costs take account of the following factors: a standardised heating pattern; how many people live in your home; and the amount of hot water that is used.

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