Landlords’ Manifesto Boost for EPCs

Residential Landlords Association places EPCs at the heart of a manifesto for the private rented sector

EPCs manifesto boost image by I Wei Huang (via Shutterstock).

A boost for EPCs: the Residential Landlords’ Association has given Energy Performance Certificates and other environmental measures pride of place. Image by I Wei Huang (via Shutterstock).

In the last fortnight or so, the General Election campaign has topped the news agenda. For some, it is seen as a referendum on Brexit and the Article 50 process. For other people, there may be several concerns like the environment and our public services. Landlords can also sway the vote and have an influence on party policies. The Residential Landlords’ Association have published a manifesto which offers a better deal for landlords and tenants.

As well as addressing social security issues and land use, the manifesto has a useful section on environmental policy. Section 7, entitled Improving Energy Efficiency, has reference to the forthcoming EPC deadline. Among its main challenges are older properties built without cavity walls. Section 7.5 looks at the issue of inaccurate Energy Performance Certificates. Within Section 7.5.1, it cites that according to Building Research Establishment figures:

“100,000 properties have been given incorrect F and G classifications as a result of understating the energy efficiency of homes with solid walls and uninsulated cavity walls.”

Another issue their manifesto cites is the cost of making such improvements and its burden on landlords. It suggests that any EPC based improvements should be tax deductible. A September 2015 opinion poll from DJS Research for the Residential Landlords’ Association stated that 88% of those favoured tax breaks for Energy Performance Certificate based repairs.

EPC Yorkshire, 10 May 2017.

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