Why You Need to Obtain Commercial EPCs for your Business Premise

An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is important in rating your building energy efficiency. The rating ranges from Grade A to Grade G with A being the best and G the worst. You stand to lose nothing by procuring an EPC for your commercial building but you may spend a lot in fine if you don’t.

When do you require an EPC?

The commercial EPCs are applicable in the following situations:

• When you rent out or decide to sell a business premise
• When a premise under construction gets completed
• If there are alterations in portions of the premise in terms of heating, air conditioning or ventilation

The Energy Performance Certificate should be fixed to the building and displayed under these circumstances:

Where to Get the EPC?

• If the total floor coverage is more than 500 square meter
• If the premise has regular public visitors
• If the EPC for the building was initCommercial EPCsially obtained during the construction, sale or rental process

The commercial EPCs can only be procured from a certified energy assessor. The specialists vary depending on the nature and complexity of your commercial premises. To identify the right assessor, you need to contact the accreditation body that they belong to get one. You should verify their certification to avoid being scammed.

Exemptions for the EPC

You don’t require the Energy Performance Certificate if the building falls under any of the following categories:

Types of EPC Buildings and their Benefits
• A temporary premise (to be used in less than 2 years)
• An industrial or agricultural premises with minimal energy expenditure
• A premise with a floor space cover of less than 50 square meter
• Soon to be demolished and you have documents to prove
• Soon to be rented out or sold

Commercially, EPCs are divided into three levels as indicated below:

a) EPC level 3- This is applicable to small buildings with a cooling output of less than 12kw and heating output of less than 100kw
b) EPC level 4- These are slightly complex. Ventilation and air conditioning is provided via ducting
c) EPC level 5- These buildings have significant glass atria and cooling setups.

It is important to procure the Energy Performance Certificate for your building as the compliance improves the value of your premises and its marketability.


Generally, commercial EPCs are important for any business premise. Tenants and investors will prefer to rent or buy a building that is certified by a verified expert. For this reason, your property stands to gain market value if you procure the EPC. To find out more information or to acquire your commercial EPC, call now on 07707 717178 or email info@epcyorkshire.co.uk.

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