Residential EPCs in Yorkshire

Residential Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) Yorkshire

An EPC stands for an Energy Performance Certificate, and it is a requirement for a residential property when it is first built, as well as when being marketed and when it is sold or rented. Here at EPC Yorkshire, we offer domestic EPCs throughout the area.

To gain an EPC, the process involves an assessment, where a grade is given between A to G, whereby A is the highest energy efficiency rating, and G is the lowest. Further to this, some recommendations will be given on the EPC related to the given efficiency.

Examples of such recommendations for a higher energy efficiency rating include the installation of external wall insulation or loft insulation, installing double glazing on any windows, and boiler replacement. Subsequently, you can then see the impact of this work by carrying out another EPC process.

Your EPC will consist of details of the energy usage of the residential property and the costs related to this. The better the EPC rating, the more attractive the property will be for potential buyers or tenants, with homes that have high ratings being more affordable to run. An EPC should be updated every ten years, with certificates either sent directly to you or your solicitor/letting agent on request, or you can download it from the central register.


An accredited assessor will assess your property in order to produce the certificate. At EPC Yorkshire, we offer this service from as little as £40, with the process taking around an hour, and your report ready for you on the next working day. The certificate must be shown to any buyers or renters and you are liable to a fine if you aren’t able to produce one.

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