How an EPC Could Save Electricity Bills

Why taking heed of your EPC could be a catalyst to cutting your electricity bills

EPC savings image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

Easy Money: taking heed of your Energy Performance Certificate rating, you could save money.  Image by Simez78 (via Shutterstock).

The MEES legislation is upon us on the 01 April 2018. Saving energy by taking heed of your EPC is another form of good practice. If you are moving house or wish to refresh your property portfolio, Energy Performance Certificates are a good reference point. You can use them to save energy bills, or encourage your tenants to use less electricity.

Landlords’ Manifesto Boost for EPCs

Residential Landlords Association places EPCs at the heart of a manifesto for the private rented sector

EPCs manifesto boost image by I Wei Huang (via Shutterstock).

A boost for EPCs: the Residential Landlords’ Association has given Energy Performance Certificates and other environmental measures pride of place. Image by I Wei Huang (via Shutterstock).

In the last fortnight or so, the General Election campaign has topped the news agenda. For some, it is seen as a referendum on Brexit and the Article 50 process. For other people, there may be several concerns like the environment and our public services. Landlords can also sway the vote and have an influence on party policies. The Residential Landlords’ Association have published a manifesto which offers a better deal for landlords and tenants.

How to Avoid Making a Mess of MEES

Are you ready for – or working towards – the MEES deadline in April 2018?

MEES house image by Mmaxer (via Shutterstock).

Are you ready? The deadline for MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards) compliance is getting closer.  Image by Mmaxer (via Shutterstock).

For tenants and landlords, energy efficiency makes for good economic sense. Tenants can benefit from lower utility bills, meaning fewer trips to the meter or lower itemised bills. Landlords can benefit from more efficient appliances and cheaper maintenance costs. From the start of April 2018, private landlords will be expected to comply with MEES ratings. In other words, Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.